Online 3-day Social Panorama by Lucas Derks

Online 3-day Social Panorama by Lucas Derks2021-05-03T10:45:30+00:00

The social panorama includes a number of tools for psychotherapy and coaching, to analyze and improve relationships. The idea behind it is that people live in an unconsciously functioning three-dimensional landscape, in which they have given themselves and others a place.

The exact location on which these social images are projected determines the nature and quality of the relationships involved. The 3-D map of social reality thus created ultimately decides on the place one can take in society. Problems with intimate relationships, self-confidence, conflict, power, families, teams and organizations can be solved with the techniques of this social panorama model.

Or in more detail:

We are social beings and that is why our experience is full of people. In order as humans to navigate successfully between the others, we need a map of humanity that tells us who the others are and how we fit in between them. On the one hand, we learn to distinguish the unique characteristics of others, so that we can recognize them as individuals. On the other hand, we must somehow record the relationships we have with the people around us. The question to which the social panorama model provides an answer is: How do we represent these interpersonal relationships?

After twenty-five years of experimentation, only one conclusion is possible: we unconsciously represent our relationships in a three-dimensional mental map.

No handout or PowerPoint is given in this workshop. You can read Lucas’s book on the Social Panorama to prepare.
The book is for sale in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Portuguese.