Registration Mental Space Psychology by Lucas Derks (Online)

Registration Mental Space Psychology by Lucas Derks (Online)2022-04-29T10:06:51+00:00

Registration for the online international Mental Space Psychology© training by Lucas Derks PhD

Date: 25, 26 and 27 November 2022

Location: online zoom
Language: English

All days from 10 am to 6 pm Amsterdam time

Price: € 375,00

3-day Mental Space Psychology training
With spatial diagnostics, trauma processing and many other therapeutic applications of Mental Space Psychology.

The training will only take place with a minimum of 20 participants.

This will be decided on October 24, 2022.

On October 25, you will hear if the training takes place.

By sending us this form you are subscribed for the Social Panorama training.

In September 2022 you will receive your invoice, which must be paid before October 24.

We do not refund money. However, you may have someone else participate in your place or join the training next time.

If the training is cancelled by us due to circumstances such as sickness of the trainer(s) or too few participants, we will refund your training fee.

Submit the following form to register for the 3-day online international Mental Space Psychology© training

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Thank you for your interest and participation, and we look forward to seeing you

Jacqueline Heemskerk

Lucas Derks PhD