Training: Mental Space Psychology – 3 fantastic days MSP by dr. Lucas Derks (Online)

Training: Mental Space Psychology – 3 fantastic days MSP by dr. Lucas Derks (Online)2023-01-11T22:10:56+00:00
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Online 3-days Mental Space Psychology by Lucas Derks

3-days online international Mental Space Psychology© training by Dr. Lucas Derks 
Learn all about Mental Space Psychology

For psychologists, psycho- and hypnotherapists, doctors, physiotherapists, teachers, coaches, NLP-ers and trainers.

Trainer: Lucas Derks PhD

The Mental Space Psychology basic training is different from the Social Panorama. MSP is much broader, and the Social Panorama is a part of MSP.
In this training you learn the basic knowledge of MSP. Lucas will cover many topics like language, gestures, trauma, depression, timelines, autism, past present future and more. So, everything you can work with in the mental space.  And just like with the Social Panorama training, there will be a lot of practice. If you read the reviews, you will know more or less what to expect.

Date: 3, 4 and 5 November 2023

From 10 am to 6 pm Amsterdam time
Location: Online, English language
Price: € 375,00

3-day Mental Space Psychology training
With spatial diagnostics, trauma processing and many other therapeutic applications of Mental Space Psychology.

You can order the book Mental Space Psychology at https://shopsomsp.com/shop/books/mental_space_psychology/

You can order the book Mental Spatial Diagnoses at

What participants thought of it:

Very valuable training, where you experience practical exercises and learn to apply them yourself! This 3-day training is a pragmatic and deepening addition to NLP and Social Panorama methodologies.

We found the training absolutely interesting and inspiring. In our own way of working with Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy and Inner Child Therapy, we already make a lot of use of mental space, but the training has given it more context and background.
Ellen de Jong and Louis Crijns

I had been looking forward to the Mental Space Psychology (MSP) workshop for a long time and it turned out to be more than worth the wait.
In three days we were immersed in a workshop that was fantastically designed by Lucas. After each piece of theory, he gave a demonstration and we were able to work with our brain in space, our body in space, time in space, our language in space and much more. We were also introduced to a great online programme with which you can set up a social panorama together with your client. The work with depressive feelings was downright impressive.
We also worked with a technique that can help clients with eating problems. Trauma in space was a nice addition to the techniques I already knew for processing trauma. Thanks a lot!
Sjaak de Coninck, Traffic behaviourist|Integrative (EMDR) therapist|NLP trainer|coach

It is a top methodology. I did this training in 2019 and have been working with it for a while now , and it is amazingly effective. If more people start working with it , life will become a lot more pleasant for many.
Helmie Brode

I enjoyed the three-day Mental Space Psychology.
As a Master NLP and certified NLP trainer, I already worked a lot with the Social Panorama of Lucas Derks. I often use exercises from the book “Social Thinking Patterns” in one-on-one sessions with clients.
The MSP has supplemented and deepened this.
The many demos were enlightening and inspiring.
It was also interesting and nice to be able to experience and witness exercises for myself.
I am very glad that I did/experienced/experienced this 3 days: Really a beautiful addition. Wonderful to be able to work in this way, briefly, powerfully, deeply and effectively!
Many thanks!
Marian Verschuren.

The training was very interesting. A lot of information, in terms of psycho-education and also great interventions to use in my practice. I find the training an extension and deepening, in terms of understanding where MS comes from. And how to apply it more and differently.
Thanks for the excellent training.
Marlene Monster-Linkers

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