Reviews Online 3 days MSP with Lucas Derks

Reviews Online 3 days MSP with Lucas Derks2023-08-22T21:07:21+00:00
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Reviews: Reviews Online 3 days MSP with Lucas Derks

Dear Jacqueline and Lucas, Thank you once again for a most interesting and useful course.  These have been a really beneficial three days.  It was wonderful meeting everyone and I look forward to keeping in touch. With my very best wishes,
Clara Gibson, Therapeutic Coach – for life, health and wellbeing. M.Sc. ACC ICF, RGN, RHV, Mast Practice NLP, IEMT – Practitioner.
Dear Jacqueline, dear Lucas, Appreciate very much the great MSP seminar and the expiring experiments. Hoping to participate in your new training in the future.
Alexey Ananishnov

Very grateful for the wonderful 3 days training. Thank you very much Lucas for sharing so many important topics, very insightful learnings and also thank you Jacqueline for your support and knowledge about eating disorders.
Maria Mendes, NLP trainer Lisboa, Portugal

Thank you, Lucas and Jacqueline, for the insightful training! Great to meet everyone else 🙂 ! Best regards,
Roni Matar

Dear Jacqueline and Lucas, Thank you 🙏for these very nice three days. It’s been a great and amusing training. I’ve come to know other colleagues which has also been a great experience. Thank you all.🙋‍♀️
Dott.ssa M.ª Isabel Fuster López, Insegnante di lingue. Fellow Member Trainer IANLP. Trainer Magic Words. Coach Wingwave® & Online Coach Wingwave®. Master Practitioner Lab Profile® Consulente Social Panorama. Ambassador SoMSP in Italia.

Dear Jacqueline and Lucas, Thanks for the important  documents. For sure i learnt alot and look forward for many more of such courses.
Lilian Ayiro, researcher and Lecturer of Educational Psychology at Moi University, Eldoret in Kenya

Thank you dear Jacqueline and Lucas, it was my absolute highlight to be in this inspiring seminar learning so much more again and meeting wonderful people in the realm of MSP.
Petra Buchholz PAREQUUS Coaching, Germany

Thank you very much for a wonderful MSP class!
Warm regards from Japan,
Yoko Yuile Shinoda, Heart Intelligence based Communication Service, Certified NLP trainer/Coach/facilitator

Thank you for this Jacqueline and Lucas and thank you for a very interesting course. This additional material will be most helpful I am sure. My very best wishes to you both.
Kindest regards,
Debbie Edgar

Greetings  from Kenya! It was great listening  to you guys! I learnt quite alot. Presentation by Lukas was Great!  Jacqueline, your organization  was Superb. I  hope I will have another opportunity  of meeting and exchanging ideas with the great minds of this forum again. REGARDS TO ALL OF YOU!
Dr. Rogers Console

Good morning all from a sunny Manchester. A rare occasion. Lucas and Jacqueline “baie dakie” . The training was superb and the organisation was so good, Jacqueline. Also loved your presentation on the placement of food. Lucas, you are a great mentor, friend and wise teacher. To all the colleagues through  breakaway rooms and questions I have learnt a lot from you. Namaste!
Cheers, Rod Waddington PhD.

Dear Lucas and Jacqueline, Thank you so much for the wonderful MSP training! I’ve learnt a lot of new, useful and valuable information. It was great to apply the knowledge immediately by practicing in the breakout rooms. The topic of binge eating in MS was a brilliant addition to the training! And I’ve met very interesting people while practicing. Thank you so much again, Warm regards,
Lilia Belousova, U.A.E.  NLP Master – Practitioner, Social Panorama Consultant, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Enneagram Practitioner

Dear Jacqueline and Sir Lucas

Greetings 🙏
Thank you so much for wonderful training on Mental Space and Food Panaroma.Real gratitude to both of you for acquainting me with these new concepts and opening my vision on it.
You both explained the concepts in a practical way with simple language and to the point approach . Moreover the prestigious participants from all over the world made my learning more enlightened.
Once again thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be on the learning platform with great masters.
Looking forward for more such seminars with you and your team in the future and also be the flagholder of your Model of Excellence in India.
Warm regards,
Charu Agarwal